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Reproducible Computational Geosciences @ AGILE 2017

Pre-conference workshop at the 20th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science, Wageningen, May 9 2017


Reproducible research (RR) gains more attention each year with prominent papers, editorials and blog posts as journals, researchers and funders drive forward the agenda on open science. But still the majority of papers analyzing data, including diverse and often unique spatio-temporal observations, are not accompanied by complete materials (data, methods, complete results) to reproduce the methodology and computations, so that anyone can reproduce the findings.

In this half-day workshop we introduce the topic in the GIScience domain with a focus on computational reproducibility.

Contributions on the topics

are welcome.

Workshop papers (< 1000 words) must be submitted via pull request to the workshop’s GitHub repository, see instructions below. Selected papers will be invited for presentation at the workshop.

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Fork the workshop repository and create a new Markdown document named in the directory submissions. Then create a pull request.

If you have troubles working with GitHub, please get in touch with the workshop organizers or send your abstract via email to,, and

Feedback will be given in the pull request discussion. Accepted papers will be merged and published on the website.


At least one reviewer conducts an in depth review of the submission. The wiki contains guidelines for reviewers and the review process.

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