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OJS plugin for enabling ERC journal submissions

Our self-hosted pilot has new implemented functionalities! Developed by the o2r team, the ojs-erc-plugin uses the plugin mechanism provided by the Open Journal System (OJS) to create a completely ERC-based publishing workflow including submission, review, and publication. In the OJS submission process, we created the option to upload an ERC workspace via the o2r service. After the submission, the assigned reviewer(s) can examine three components which are related to the (submitted) ERC: 1) the zipped ERC workspace which was uploaded by the author, 2) the html view of the ERC, and 3) the ERC Galley which shows the ERC in the usual o2r-service view. After the acceptance and publication of the submission, the reader of the journal can access all the abovementioned components of the (published) ERC and experience the interactive features that are enabled by ERCs.

The functionality of the ojs-erc-plugin is showcased in the following video.

The ojs-erc-plugin is an Open Source project and is welcoming contributions and active participation in our Github page!

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