Delete compendium

To delete a compendium candidate, an HTTP DELETE request can be send to the compendium endpoint.


Once a compendium is not a candidate anymore, it cannot be deleted via the API.

Required user level

The user deleting a candidate must be the author or have the required user level.


The following request deletes the compendium with the identifier 12345, including metadata and files.

curl -X DELETE https://…/api/v1/compendium/12345 \
    --cookie "connect.sid=<code string here>"


The response has an HTTP status of 204 and an empty body for successful deletion.

204 OK

Error responses for compendium delete

401 Unauthorized

{"error":"not authorized"}
403 Forbidden

{"error":"user level not sufficient to delete compendium"}
404 Not Found

{"error":"compendium not found"}