Download compendium

Download compendium files as an archive.


This download feature does not provide access to complete and valid compendia, because it does not comprise an update of the packaging, while it does include brokered metadata files. To download a valid compendium, create a shipment with the appropriate recipient.

Supported formats are as follows:

  • zip
  • tar
  • tar.gz


GET /api/v1/compendium/$

GET /api/v1/compendium/
GET /api/v1/compendium/:id.tar
GET /api/v1/compendium/:id.tar.gz
GET /api/v1/compendium/:id.tar?gzip
GET /api/v1/compendium/

URL parameters for compendium download

  • :id - the compendiums id
  • ?gzip - only for .tar endpoint - compress tarball with gzip
  • ?image=true or ?image=false - include tarball of Docker image in the archive, default is true


The response is a file attachment. The suggested file name is available in the HTTP header content-disposition using the respective file extension for a file named with the compendium identifier (e.g., Uh1o0.tar, or LBIt1.tar.gz).

The content-type header also reflects the respective format, which can take the following values:

  • application/zip for ZIP archive
  • application/x-tar for TAR archive
  • application/octet-stream for gzipped TAR
200 OK
Content-Type: application/zip
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="$"
X-Response-Time: 13.556ms

The zip file contains a comment with the original URL.

$ unzip -z
Created by o2r [https://…/api/v1/compendium/]

Error responses for compendium download

404 Not Found

{"error":"no compendium with this id"}
400 Bad Request

{"error":"no job found for this compendium, run a job before downloading with image"}