Upload via API

Upload a research workspace or full compendium as a compressed .zip archive with an HTTP POST request using multipart/form-data.

The upload is only allowed for logged in users. Upon successful extraction of archive and processing of the contents, the id for the new compendium is returned.

Required user level and authentication

The user creating a new compendium must have the required user level. Requests must be authenticated with a cookie connect.sid, see user authentication.

curl -F "compendium=@compendium.zip;type=application/zip" \
    -F content_type=compendium \
    --cookie "connect.sid=<cookie string here>" \
curl -F "compendium=@path/to/workspace.zip;type=application/zip" \
    -F content_type=workspace \
    --cookie "connect.sid=<cookie string here>" \
200 OK



After successful upload the candidate process must be completed for workspaces.

Body parameters for compendium upload

  • compendium - The archive file
  • content_type - Form of archive. One of the following:
    • compendium - compendium, which is expected to be complete and valid, for examination of a compendium
    • workspace - formless workspace, for creation of a compendium


If a complete ERC is submitted as a workspace, it may result in an error, or the contained metadata and other files may be overwritten by the creation process.

Error responses for compendium upload

400 Bad Request

{"error":"provided content_type not implemented"}
401 Unauthorized

{"error":"user is not authenticated"}
401 Unauthorized

{"error":"user level does not allow compendium creation"}
422 Unprocessable Entity

For local testing you can quickly upload some of the example compendia and workspaces from the erc-examples project.