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Workshop on Reproducible Open Science

Just two weeks ago, o2r team members Daniel and Markus proudly presented the project’s first workshop paper “Opening the Publication Process with Executable Research Compendia” at the First International Workshop on Reproducible Open Science held in conjunction with the 20th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries and suppored by RDA Europe.

The workshop was a great event with contributions from very diverse backgrounds, ranging from computer science to library technology, and use cases, from big data to metadata interoperability or microscopic experiments.

The talks we’re accompanied by excellent keynotes given by Carole Goble on the “R* Brouhaha” and Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen on CERNs hard work towards reproducible research.

The presentations were followed by a general discussion session, which touched, for example, the topics of publication bias/negative results, education having a higher potential than yet another infrastructure (“software data carpentry works”, says Carole Goble), and the necessity to communicate better about reproducible research. The latter lead to the idea of “five stars of reproducibility” inspired by the tremendously useful 5 ★ Open Data and also the FAIR principles .

All the slides are available online, including our own.

It was great for us to share our ideas of an Executable Research Compendium with the workshop attendees. The discussions and feedback was very helpful. We especially realized that we need to sharpen the distinctive aspects of our project when we talk about it. We’re now working hard to implement this in a paper draft we’re working on.

We thank the organizers Amir Aryani, Oscar Corcho, Paolo Manghi, and Jochen Schirrwagen for the well-run event! Hopefully there is going to be a second edition next year.

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