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EGU short course scheduled and session programme upcoming

The short course Reproducible computational research in the publication cycle (SC81) at the EGU general assembly was accepted by the short course programme group and scheduled Monday, April 24th, 2017 in the afternoon. Thanks!

We are grateful for the change to share our work on reproducible research together with members of the ReproZip team in a practical, hands-on short course. Afterwards we welcome a number of esteemed speakers to share their views on reproducibility as researcher, reviewer, editor, publisher, and preservationist.

See the full session description in the EGU programme.

Please register for the short course for free by filling in your name and email in this Doodle poll:

Earlier this year we also announced a call for a session on reproducibility at EGU general assembly. The contributions to this session was merged with other sessions to create the session IE2.4/ESSI3.10 Open Data, Reproducible Research, and Open Science, see session description in the EGU GA programme.

The session programme will be published March 1st, 2017, so stay tuned for the official announcements.

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