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Opening Reproducible Research at AGILE 2017 conference in Wageningen

This week o2r participates in another conference, which is partly a repetition but also a contrast to the last one:

Again, o2r team members (Markus and Daniel) are fortunate to co-organize a workshop about reproducible research: “Reproducible Geosciences Discussion Forum” at the 20th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science in Wageningen, The Netherlands, took place yesterday. Read the short recap on the workshop website.

Daniel will also present a poster on o2r titled “An Architecture for Reproducible Computational Geosciences”. Please visit the AGILE 2017 poster session tomorrow at 15:00 and discuss with us how our ERC fits into the geosciences landscape.

Update: Download the abstract and the poster.

agile conference banner

Image courtesy of AGILE website.

Completely different is the scale of this weeks conference: unlike EGU general assembly, AGILE is a small conference with an informal feeling. While the attendees represent diverse topics, the common connection to GI Science is strong and while the programme is packed at times (5 parallel tracks - hard to choose!), there is ample room to focus, for example in the single track keynote or poster sessions, but also to chat and learn, which we hope to do by spreading questions on reproducibility of the works presented at AGILE.

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