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Markus Konkol defends PhD Thesis

Markus Konkol successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Publishing Reproducible Geoscientific Papers: Status quo, benefits, and opportunities”, today Friday Oct 11 at the Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi) at University of Münster (WWU).

🎉 Congratulations Markus on completing this important step in your career! 🥂

Dr. rer. nat. Markus Konkol is pictured with his Mentor Prof. Dr. Christian Kray and the examination committee: Jun. Prof. Dr. Judith Verstegen, Prof. Dr. Edzer Pebesma, Prof. Dr. Carsten Kessler and Prof. Dr. Harald Strauß.

Markus Konkol successfully defended his PhD thesis; examination committee

Markus has been a core o2r team member since the project’s start in January 2016. He lead the development of the user interface for creating and examing reproducible research and conducted comprehensive reproduction studies as well as several user studies and surveys, successfully connecting the o2r project with the needs of the geoscience communities. His work contributes great insights on the technical and individual challenges - the status quo in the geosciences - as well as incentives and solutions for making research more open and reproducible. His concept and implementation of bindings demonstrate a novel groundbreaking method for exposing the true core and value of research outputs that reach beyond geoscience applications and impact transparency, understandability, and discoverability. Markus is a welcome advocator and speaker on reproducible research in the geosciences at local and international events. The o2r project is fortunate that he will continue to take down barriers for openness and reproducibility and push towards better science.

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