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WWU workshop on Reproducible Research

Reproducible research is a topic relevant for all scientific disciplines. We in the o2r project have a continued focus on the challenges originating in the software stacks and visualialisations for the analysis of geospatial data. But that does not mean that our experiences may not be helpful for other disciplines. In does also not mean that our approaches for improving research reproducibility and reusability can not profit from learning about challenges and solutions in other domains.

That is why we decided to reach out to the local scientific community and talk about reproducibility. We invited all professors and post-docs of the University of Münster (WWU) to a workshop at the Institute for Geoinformatics. Why only seniour researchers? One goal was to start discussions about collaborating on new projects and writing proposals, and we thought this group would be interested in that. We welcomed over 20 researchers across the full diversity of WWU, e.g., neuroscience, landscape ecology, business informatics, and psychology. The event was held in German and all material is available on the workshop website.

We thank our colleagues for the interesting discussions and new perspectives on a topic we thought we would have a good grasp of - there’s so much more to learn! Special thanks go to our fellow researchers who prepared short talks on their experiences and ongoing work to improve reproducibility.

Very special thanks go to Dr. Lisanne Pauw, [Dr. Nils Schuhmacher], Dr. Ben Stöver, and o2r team member Daniel Nüst, who volunteered to write up a short story about their personal work connected with reproducible research. These stories are published on the university website in English and German. We hope these spark the interest of fellow scientists or even the general public. Thanks to Kathrin Kottke from the WWU public relations team for making this happen.

Cite this blog post as Daniel Nüst. "WWU workshop on Reproducible Research" (2020) in Opening Reproducible Research: a research project website and blog. Daniel Nüst, Marc Schutzeichel, Markus Konkol (eds). Zenodo. doi:10.5281/zenodo.1485437

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