Daniel's Ph.D. Defense

The o2r project started with quite a bold statement. I think it was Daniel’s supervisor Edzer Pebesma who stated that “We want to change the scientific landscape”. Well, yeah, let’s try it - I thought. How could I know that this guy sitting next to me behind his Linux computer would indeed achieve such a change? He became CODECHECK’s co-inventor and AGILE’s reproducibility king. While I am not sure whether the latter is an official title, his contributions certainly have a real impact. His backend developments are the backbone of the success of the o2r project, though just one of the many publications, which not only comprise scientific papers but also software. Let’s not forget that he successfully included a whale that swallows R’s and poops containers in his defence! containerit

🥂 Congratulations to Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Nüst for a great Ph.D. defence “Infrastructures and Practices for Reproducible Research in Geography, Geosciences, and GIScience”! 🎉

Daniel and the evaluation committee

Read Daniel’s work:

Nüst, Daniel. 2021. Infrastructures and Practices for Reproducible Research in Geography, Geosciences, and GIScience. Doctoral dissertation, University of Münster, Germany. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4768096.

Cite this blog post as Markus Konkol. "Daniel's Ph.D. Defense" (2022) in Opening Reproducible Research: a research project website and blog. Daniel Nüst, Marc Schutzeichel, Markus Konkol (eds). Zenodo. doi:10.5281/zenodo.1485437

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