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OJS plugin for enabling ERC journal submissions

Our self-hosted pilot has new implemented functionalities! Developed by the o2r team, the ojs-erc-plugin uses the plugin mechanism provided by the Open Journal System (OJS) to create a completely ERC-based publishing workflow including submission, review, and publication. In the OJS submission process, we created the option to upload an ERC workspace via the o2r service. After the submission, the assigned reviewer(s) can examine three components which are related to the (submitted) ERC: 1) the zipped ERC workspace which was uploaded by the author, 2) the html view of the ERC, and 3) the ERC Galley which shows the ERC in the usual o2r-service view. After the acceptance and publication of the submission, the reader of the journal can access all the abovementioned components of the (published) ERC and experience the interactive features that are enabled by ERCs

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o2r Workshop on Reproducible Remote Sensing

Just a few days ago, on March 23rd 2022, we had the pleasure of hosting a workshop for “Reproducible Remote Sensing: Challenges and Evolution Possibilities”. It was so exciting to get together again, even in a hybrid format, to discuss such an interesting and interdisciplinary topic! As long as the o2r project has been running, we have approached the matter of reproducibility of scientific results from several perspectives, and now it was the time to frame the complexities of reproducibility in Remote Sensing. With this workshop, we wanted to explore the current and future possibilities of publishing reproducible research in Remote Sensing as a subdomain of Geoinformatics and for this purpose, a group of 17 people involved in different positions of the Academia was assembled, with everyone contributing their point of view to the discussion

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Talks, preprints, papers, and a leave of absence

This blog has been a bit quieter than usual in the year 2021, not because of the thing that messes everything else up in the world, but because o2r team member Daniel has been focussing on wrapping up his PhD thesis (it’s done!) and took a leave of absence 👶. Most of the activities below have been shared via the project’s Twitter feed, but we’d like to catch up the blog, too, and make a little announcement at the end. So with no further ado, here are events and publications of the last 8+ months:

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Daniel's Ph.D. Defense

The o2r project started with quite a bold statement. I think it was Daniel’s supervisor Edzer Pebesma who stated that “We want to change the scientific landscape”. Well, yeah, let’s try it - I thought. How could I know that this guy sitting next to me behind his Linux computer would indeed achieve such a change? He became CODECHECK’s co-inventor and AGILE’s reproducibility king. While I am not sure whether the latter is an official title, his contributions certainly have a real impact. His backend developments are the backbone of the success of the o2r project, though just one of the many publications, which not only comprise scientific papers but also software. Let’s not forget that he successfully included a whale that swallows R’s and poops containers in his defence! containerit

🥂 Congratulations to Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Nüst for a great Ph.D. defence “Infrastructures and Practices for Reproducible Research in Geography, Geosciences, and GIScience”! 🎉

Daniel and the evaluation committee

Read Daniel’s work:

Nüst, Daniel. 2021. Infrastructures and Practices for Reproducible Research in Geography, Geosciences, and GIScience. Doctoral dissertation, University of Münster, Germany.

geoextent presented at the 2021 EarthCube annual meeting

The Python library geoextent by the o2r project team was selected for presentation at the 2021 EarthCube annual meeting in the peer-reviewed notebooks session. In this blog post, student assistant Sebastian reports from the event.

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