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Events in 2018: Call for participation

As everyone is slowly coming back to work, the o2r team wishes Happy New Year. What better way to start the year with planning some fun trips? Here are our recommendations for upcoming events:

Please share this information with potentially interested parties (and retweet). Thanks!

Update! Added two more sessions and the OSGeo Townhall.

EGU 2018 conference banner

Image courtesy of EGU website.

Open Science, R, and FOSS sessions at EGU General Assembly 2018

The European Geophysical Union’s General Assembly (EGU GA) takes place once more in April in Vienna - #EGU18. The deadline for abstracts is 10 Jan 2018, 13:00 CET, so don’t delay, submit your abstract today to one of the following sessions:

Other sessions without o2r team members convening, but looking very interesting are

After our previous participations we look forward to yet another event with interesting presentations and great conversations. If you’re going, too, make sure to join the OSGeo Townhall: Open Science demystified (TM8, on Tuesday) and the townhall meetings “Research Software Engineers in the Geosciences” (TM13, room L8 on Thursday) and “EarthArXiv - a preprint server for the Earth Sciences” (TM4, room L2 on Monday).

See you at EGU!

Short course on reproducible papers at EGU General Assembly 2018

After organising a workshop on reproducible computational research in the publication cycle last year, o2r is teaming up again with ReproZip to help geoscientists tackling the challenges of reproducible papers. This year we organise the short course SC1.13 - Writing reproducible geoscience papers using R Markdown, Docker, and GitLab. We plan to go guide participants through the steps of writing an Open Science publication and managing its rendering, publication, and archival by using free and open online platforms.

Let us know you’re interested to join with only two clicks:

Other short courses without o2r participation, but looking promising (they both use R!), are

Reproducible Research Publications at AGILE 2018

We are happy to announce another continuation, a pre-conference workshop at the 21st AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science in Lund, Sweden: “Reproducible Research Publications”

The half day workshop attempts to provides a hands-on introduction to reproducible research by reproducing a provided real-world publication. Together with the instructors they create a reproducible document from text, code, and data of a scholarly publication and publish it in a data repository.

The workshop is accepted and will be announced on the conference website soon. Please also check the workshop website for detailed information on registration and scheduling.

agile conference banner

Image courtesy of AGILE website.

Submit your registration both at the conference website (will open soon!) and the workshop repository (see instructions):

The workshop is co-organized by o2r team members and Frank Osterman (ITC, Enschede), Barbara Hofer (Z_GIS), Carlos Granell (Jaume I), Valentina Cerutti (ITC), and Rusne Sileryte (OTB, TU Delft). We look forward to your registration!

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